Bonuses offered by online casinos are a great way to boost your pot. They can also be an option if you want to try a few games for free, as many require little or no deposit. However, there are usually very costly requirements attached to these bonuses, which is why many players are now looking to take advantage of a new kind of bonus. It’s called a kickback bonus.

What is a kickback bonus?

In the simplest of terms, this is a recent addition to the world of poker bonuses online, and refers to something of value given to new players when they sign up for an account. The difference with this type of bonus is that it’s not offered by the online casino UK, but is offered on an affiliate website. An affiliate is an individual or company who is receiving commission for sending new players to a particular online casino. The item of value that is received as a kickback could be money or a gift. This bonus will also be received in addition to any bonuses offered by the casino. And is a valid reason for their increased popularity. It makes much more sense to sign up for an account via an affiliate and receive two bonuses.

How do affiliate websites work?

An affiliate website promotes a range of different online casinos UK. By clicking on a link, prospective players are sent to the online casino. Affiliates receive payment for every new player when they have played a certain amount or generated a certain rake. The casino pays the affiliate website a one time payment which is called a CPA ( Cost Per Action/Acquisition). Some of this payment is then kickbacked to players as a way of saying thank you for signing up through their site.

Boost your bankroll and play poker games online

Kickback poker bonuses are a good way to increase the size of your bankroll, which is always a good thing to know, especially when first starting out. First let’s clarify the difference between a deposit bonus and a kickback bonus, because they are often thought to be one and the same. Deposit bonuses are given away by online casinos when players make a deposit. A kickback bonus, on the other hand, is given by an affiliate website through which it’s possible to sign up for an account. Both types of bonus will have certain terms and requirements attached. These will have to be met before the bonus money and any winnings are released.

Releasing poker bonuses

Both kickback bonuses and deposit bonuses are not technically free money. It’s not possible for any player to sign up for an account, take the bonus and immediately withdraw it. And let’s face it, a business would be mad if this was indeed possible. To ensure this doesn’t happen players are required to play a certain amount, before the bonus is released. Almost every type of bonus given by an online casino will come with a set of requirements. It could a certain number of points need to be earn or an amount of rake before the bonus can be received. One positive about kickback bonuses is that they tend to require a little less than standard deposit poker bonuses. Another benefit is that both bonuses can be worked towards at the same time.

Keep an eye out for a free money no deposit kickback bonus

One of our top poker tips is to look for an affiliate offering a no deposit bonus. These are pretty special because the bonus is given up front. There is no need for a player to make a deposit, so they get to play poker risk free. Any new players will certainly be very interested in this type of offer. However, don’t be too hasty in signing up because there is a small catch. It is very likely that the money won’t be available for withdrawing until a certain number of games have been played, a certain amount of rake has been generated, or a certain number of hands have been played. The bonus money can be played with but it can’t be withdraw until the requirements are met.

What is the best type of bonus?

A no deposit bonus is definitely very attractive, but if you want to get the most free money possible then a deposit kickback bonus is the better option. Especially if you’re planning to play a lot at a particular casino site. If you’re not planning to play all that often, or you want to practise a few games of poker before signing up with a site that has a better offer, a no deposit bonus is perfect.